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The Portville Drive-In’s goal is to provide Wholesome Family Entertainment. We are here to make your family’s nite at the Drive-In safe and enjoyable. In any large public gathering, certain conditions apply. Please review our policy to familiarize yourself with it. By purchasing an admittance ticket, you agree to and are bound by these conditions . Be sure and save your ticket stubs. We do NOT accept credit cards. Cash Only Sales.

NO Legal Beverages of ANY kind are allowed on the grounds. This includes Beer, Alcohol, or anything containing alcohol.  Possession will Void your tickets & You will be told to leave the property. NO EXCEPTIONS !  NO REFUNDS !  ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY !  INSTANT OUT APPLIES HERE ...

NO  GLASS containers of ANY kind on the property. This includes Bottles, Glasses, Cups, Dishes, Food Containers, etc.  Possession will Void your tickets & You will be told to leave the property. NO EXCEPTIONS !   NO REFUNDS ! ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY !  

SPEED LIMIT is 5 Miles Per Hour.  Please drive slow & carefully. Watch  for children as they run and play at the Drive-In.  Unsafe drivers will NOT be permitted to remain on the property.  NO EXCEPTIONS !   NO REFUNDS !   ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY !  


Out of Vehicle Viewing : Patrons setting outside of vehicles during the showings must NOT set in adjacent parking spots when we are busy. Admittance tickets entitle patrons to ONE parking space only. Be considerate of others.

Vehicle Lights : ALL Vehicle Lights must be turned off during movie showing. These include Headlights, Tail-Lights, Brake Lamps, Side-Lights, as well as all Interior Lighting. Vehicles whose lights keep going on and off, or those who constantly interfere with other patrons will be told to leave the property. Knowing how to turn them off and keep them off is YOUR responsibility. Know how to do so BEFORE you get here.  There are No Exceptions. No Refunds.

Screen Parking Areas : Changing screen-parking areas is NOT PERMITTED due to copyright regulations. Vehicles purchasing tickets for and entering the designated movie screen parking area are required to remain in the ticketed parking area for that screen presentation!  Changing screens will Void your tickets !  No refunds. 

Dogs - Due to safety considerations, ALL dogs being brought onto the premesis must remain leashed and under the immediate control of the owner. Animals that pose any kind of threat or annoyance to other movie go-ers will NOT be allowed to remain on the grounds. 

Copyright Infringement - Recording Equipment is NOT permitted on the grounds at any time. Any such equipment found is subject to confiscation by staff and/or authorities.

Entering Premises : Any person entering or aiding  someone entering the premises at a location other than the Main Gate and/or not paying the relevent general admission fee will be subject to ejection and/or arrest. No refunds.

Please Don't Litter. Trash cans are available around the concession stand. By keeping cleanup costs to a minimum, we are able to keep our pricing very reasonable. Compare our prices. You will find us well below the average. Help us keep it that way!

Rain Passes, Fog Passes, Ticket Replacement Passes, or Refunds -  will be given only upon the OFFICIAL CANCELLATION of scheduled events due to extreme or unforseen weather conditions, or inability of the Portville Drive-in to successfully present the scheduled movie events .(ie mechanical breakdowns, etc.)   The concession stand is permitted to issue Ticket Replacement PASSES Only.  Original Ticket Stubs MUST be presented to obtain passes or refunds in any event  We Reserve the right to refuse admission or service to anyone.

Sorry ... We do NOT accept credit cards. Cash Only