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This page will take you to the new Portville Drive-In Forums. You can post your thoughts on different areas of interest to you. You can talk about movies, buy or sell items you may have or want, advertise your upcoming lawn sale, or just have a general discussion with other drive-in community customers. We are still in the process of expanding this forum, so your thoughts and ideas will help us get up the topic areas you wish to have available. You have to register for a free account upon your first visit with a username, password, and an email address. This information is used ONLY to stop spam from entering into our system. Your information will NEVER be shared or given out to anyone, nor will it be used to contact you except for forum related issues.  We will NOT tolerate any foul language or harassment of any kind between posters.  Violations will result in immediate & permanent termination of the users account. Be respectful here and this will not become an issue.  Being a newly setup system, there are bound to be some unforseen bugs to be worked out. Should you have any problems, please let us know and we will address them.  In the meantime -  check it out and start posting your thoughts !   Click on the Link below to vist our forums....

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